Optical Jam #2 Submission

I started this game from scratch for the OpticalJam#2. This is my first game jam and to be honest my first finished game(although it is far from finished). 

I plan on adding a few improvements over the course of the next two weeks:

  • Animations - currently there are only still images.
  • More sounds - change of song for each level; movement sounds; Ambient sounds;
  • More Levels - currently there are only 3. 
  • Difficulty settings - currently it is extremely hard and only the most hardcore players can beat the game. I plan on adding at least an extra difficulty for the casual players.
  • More enemies for the new levels and interactable objects

Hopefully I will manage to finish the above points before the end of the month as I will then have around a three weeks away in nature and wouldn't be able to add more updates. 

Give the game a try as it is and stay tuned if you like it and want to see it grow.


OpticalJam#2_ThePirahnaKing_v1.00_pc.zip 14 MB
Sep 18, 2017

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