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You are an unfortunate piranha who was thrown at the bottom of the ocean(Don't ask why and how.. it is just a game). Your goal is to find the stream of water at the end of the level in order to go to less deep waters and finally get home to your river and, of course, become the piranha king! 

Hide under the seaweeds to avoid patroling enemies. Upgrade your speed, maximum health(Oh, yeah... You are piranha in a salty water... you lose health over time),  health lose rate, boost speed and boost resistance(health lost while boosting).

You will die many times but don't give up! Collect fish and inspect the levels so you can do better on the next try.

Use your arrow keys to navigate and Spacebar to boost. 

Best played with Gamepad ( use 'A' button to boost)! 

Install instructions

Just download the zip and extract. The game is built for Windows and tested on Windows 10. 


OpticalJam#2_ThePirahnaKing_v1.00_pc.zip 14 MB

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